Benefits brought by optimal management of distribution network include: extended life span of installed equipment, minimizing the network downtimes, investments optimization, technical losses reduction but also adherence to quality parameters set by the regulator. The common denominator for all these benefits is accurate and comprehensive measurement of power network quality parameters. 

We are capable to provide you with the power quality measurements, analytics of measured data and design of proper arrangements in order to minimize the problems identified

Smart Metering


The effective metering solution can ensure reliable and continuous profiles collection close to 100% success rate. Security, two-way communication in real time, interoperability and interchangability are some of the parameters which should be evaluated by Distribution Service Operator (DSO) during the final selection of communication technology. 

We offer our comprehensive experience in smart metering deployments and related ICT projects in various real world scenarios (different types of location and different levels of smart electricity meters penetration).

Distribution networks, historically, based on the assumption of direct electric energy flow from the power supply to its consumption point, are now confronted with a large increase of distributed Renewable Energy Sources (RES). Voltage regulation, quality of electric energy distribution (Power Quality), reverse flow, harmonics are the most common topics which challenge DSO companies nowadays. 

We are skilled at providing  the energy studies for assessment of the impact of various distributed resources on MV / LV distribution grid and expert proposition of the best-of-breed solutions.

Power Quality